Fifa World Cup: What’s happening in Brasil?!

Yesterday, on your June 12, was the official opening ceremony of FIFA World Cup 2014 held in Brasil. The ceremony started with a special performance which showed history, beauty and culture of Brasil. I must say the second part of it where there was a “samba & dance” section was quite weak,no dancing, no carnivals, nothing. Then the ball opened and the official WC song and the singers came. Do you agree with me when I say that this song isn’t very good for a competition like this? Shakira’s song “La la la” (click to listen) is way better. Also, Pitbull and Jlo are getting boring with so many collaborations.  Despite, many problems from, poverty to corruption and social strikes outside the stadiums let’s talk about what interests us: the first match Brasil – Croatia.

Neymar scoring the second goal, the penalty, BRA-CRO
Neymar scoring the second goal, the penalty, BRA-CRO

The host country, Brasil couldn’t disappoint its fans on the opening day. At the beginning it looked like Brasil wasn’t trying hard while Croatia was the surprise. Their offensive and striking plan gave good results-an auto goal by Marcelo by mistake.

Marcelo happiness for making his first WC goal-his auto goal. :P
Marcelo happiness for making his first WC goal-his auto goal. :P via #9gag 

18 minutes later Neymar reached to  tie. At the 2nd half of the match the referee gave a yet-discussed penalty for Barsil and it was a goal, second by Neymar.  I have problem with Brasil’s team organisation,why all faults, Why Neymar does all the faults, the corners and everything else including the strike? Is he being helped to make the name as a global player and breaking any records?

…and as you know the match ended 3-1. Croatia goalkeeper should work more in his corners because in them he took two goals.  Word is that Brasil is the most favorite team to win the World Cup.Now I see why.

The other teams of Group A Mexico won 1-0 against Cameroon.

The unexpected match, the pre-final, Spain – Netherlands is tonight. Which team are you? Will it be hard for Spain to win against Netherlands as did at World Cup 2010 final?

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12 Qershor filloi Boterori 2014 i mbajtur ne Brasil. Hapja zyrtare filloi me performance qe tregonin mbi historine, bukurine dhe kulturen e Brazilit. E shumepritur ishte performanca e kenges zyrtare “We Are One” qe kete vite nuk eshte zgjedhja e duhur per nje eveniment te tille. Me e mire eshte kenga e Shakires “La la la”. Me sa duket ky bashkepunimi Jlo-Pitbull po  behet i merziteshem.

Shume e pritur ishte edhe ndeshja e pare Brazil-Kroaci. Si vendi mikeprites Brazili nuk mund te zhgenjente popullsine  e vete, per me shume Brazili cilesohet edhe si kandidati kryesor per te triumfuar. Kroacia bere suprizen me shume sulme dhe kjo dha rezultat-nje autogol nga Marcelo. Por Neymar dhe shoket e tij nuk u vonuan shume dhe barazoi.

Nje penallti e dhene ne pjesen e dyte nga arbitri japonez eshte bere shume e diskutueshme gjithandej duke vene ne pikepyetje rregulloren.

Ndeshja tjeter e Grupit A ishte ajo Meksike-Kamerun e cila perfundoi 1-0.

Sot eshte super ndeshja Spanje-Holland? Me ke jeni? A do arrij Spanja t’a mposhte Hollanden sic beri ne fianalen e Boterorit 2010?

Per diskutime Live ju mund te na ndiqni ne faqen tone ne Facebook ku do te flasim per cdo ndeshje dhe cdo gje tjeter.


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